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Part of the 20 Regions in 2 Years challenge lies in that we haven't taken two years out of our lives for it. It is a part of our lives, as we are continuing to teach throughout the time period, along with raising our newborn son Edmund! This means that every weekend, public holiday and available week here or there has been mobilised towards our twenty first century Grand Tour!

Nevertheless, we are keen to share it with you, and to that end we have a variety of channels through which you can explore the places we visit with us. The most substantial is this website, which offers general information about the Regions themselves, as well as the Journal. We are also active on Facebook and Instagram. Below you can see in more detail what each channel is used for.

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The Journal

What is it?

The Journal is our complete record of all of our experiences along the adventure. 


There you can find every entry we have made so far, in order, as we have made our journey across the 20 Regions of Italy, from the first steps on the 25th April 2018. You can find the Journal by clicking on its tab - 'Journal', or by clicking the button below.


If you'd like to see them categorised by Region, check out the tab called 'The 20 Regions', and you can find out what we saw in each, as well as other information and trivia about each, as they are unlocked!


Facebook & Instagram

On Facebook you can keep up with things on at least a daily basis. Here you'll find photos from our travels as well as information about individual sights, festivals and foodstuffs we encounter. You can also find out what happened 'On this Day' at certain moments in Italian history as the anniversary of each comes up!

On Instagram, you can follow our journey by bite sized daily chunks, a photo at a time. See below for a preview of our latest posts!

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