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This challenge, and adventure, is the fruit of a collective endeavour. So much would remain beyond our knowledge, grasp and means were it not for the countless suggestions, recommendations, guidance and support of others. So here we would like to recognise all of you who have helped in some way to make all of this possible - Thank you!

For their generosity and support:

Mario Calderoni

Stella Caporale

Pasquale Ciocia

Roberta D'Angelo

Cecilia Frale

Cecilia Gabbriellini

Stefania Gabriele

Francesca Gastaldi

Ennio Gavazzi

Alessandro Girardi

Chiara Goretti

Marco Fioramanti

Lucio Landi


Emilia Marchionni

Maria Rosaria Marino

Maria Cristina Mercuri 

Gianluigi Nocella

Carmine Pappalardo

Simona Piccinini

Giuseppe Pisauro

Corrado Pollastri

Luca Rizzuto

Nicola Carmine Salerno

Lorenzo Toffoli

Alberto Zanardi



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