The Idea

“Wouldn’t it be great if we could work on something together?”, we thought. We’re both teachers, who take great pleasure in interacting with people from all walks of Italian life, in the glorious Eternal City of Rome. We remain ever-awed by the eternal variety that Italy has to offer, both in the beauty of its landscape and character of its peoples. From the Alps to the Adriatic, from verdant Veneto to barren Basilicata, and from cicchetti to bistecche, Italy is a nation of nations - and we love it.

So, to the flicker of candlelight, a mere 72 hours after saying our vows of marriage, an idea was born. We’d always loved exploring Italy, in a random and spontaneous manner. We’d always loved the cultural quirks of the people in whose Peninsula we live. We’d both had lists of places we wanted to see ‘at some point’ in Italy, from the larger towns and cities, to the quainter villages or spots we’d happened to hear about from friends and students. Lists that were ever growing, and grow today! Though the food at that restaurant was undoubtedly glorious, this adventure is what it created. A vow, and an Ode to Italy. To explore, experience and exhibit all 20 of her regions, in 2 years.

We will climb mountains, swim in lakes and seas, traverse forests and ruins, explore palaces, enjoy great company and eat well. Sometimes just the two of us, sometimes on one of those random days out with Italian friends. We’ll talk to people, learn from them and record their stories, tips and thoughts, and we’ll share them with you - all around our time teaching and working!

Let’s explore together!

It was a day into our honeymoon, while waiting for our main course in a lovely restaurant in Katoomba, that inspiration and the spirit of adventure struck. We are both passionate about Italy, our adoptive home. We live here, we met here, and we build our new life together here. We speak her tongue, we walk her streets and see her sights, as something between tourists and full blooded Italians.

Hi there! Welcome to the page!

Who are we?

James is a language teacher, historian and writer who was born and raised in the United Kingdom. Since first picking up a book on Myths as a toddler, a passion for other cultures has been his guiding force. After focusing on Ancient Rome during his studies in Ancient History and Antiquity at the University of Birmingham, he began his journey in the Italian language in Florence, and the day after watching Team Great Britain win its last gold medal at the London 2012 Olympic Games, he moved to Rome, where he has lived ever since, combining his passions for culture and language! Four years later, at an interview and training session, he had the pleasure and honour of meeting Katrina, the lady who would bless him with her hand. Other things which inspire him, he has a keen interest in photography, the outdoors, art and the eighteenth century!

Katrina is a teacher and linguist who was born and raised in a small country town in New South Wales, Australia. Her passion for language learning was awoken in high school when her German teachers instilled in her a joy and curiosity for learning. Katrina lived, worked and studied in Germany, and it was her German host family who first introduced her to Italy. She went on to study Italian, German, Linguistics and Education at university. Her dream was to live and work in Italy which came to fruition in 2016 when she moved to Rome. Shortly after, a tall, handsome British man came into her life who would be the man she would marry. Other things which inspire her are meeting new people and learning their stories, health and fitness, the outdoors, fashion and crafts.

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