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Welcome to the 20 Regions in 2 Years Project - The wild honeymoon idea of two Rome based newlyweds who share a lifelong passion for Italy, her past and present. But what is Italy in 2018? How do the Italians of today live, and how do they see their country? Join us in a Grand Tour of Italy, from the Alps to the Adriatic, from verdant Veneto to barren Basilicata, and from cicchetti to bistecche!

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17th February 2020 - Padova!

Heading north once more, we set foot for the first time in the region of Veneto, making our way to the treasured city of Venice. But on the way, there is much to see. The city of Padova hosts one of the world's oldest universities which still thrives today, which counts Copernicus, Casanova and Galileo among its long list of alumni. Yet it is also a wonder of a city, home to the Scrovegni Chapel, one of the greatest masterpieces of pre-Renaissance art, and the Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua, one of Europe's foremost pilgrimage destinations. We'd best set our alarm clocks early!

19th February 2020 - Venice!

The arrival of February means the arrival of one of the most prestigious and spectacular events in all of Italy - the Carnevale di Venezia! We don our masks and trappings of the 18th century, as we head to La Serenissima, the enchanting one-time capital of a once prosperous Mediterranean empire, now torn between melancholy and magic. There is no other place on earth quite like Venice and her lagoon, and we intend to uncover as much of her secrets as we can!


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Follow our account of our Grand Tour, as we head to the extreme north of Italy, the Alpine region of Trentino-Alto Adige, the historic South Tyrol! Thank goodness Katrina speaks German!

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