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Welcome to the 20 Regions in 2 Years Project - The wild honeymoon idea of two Rome based newlyweds who share a lifelong passion for Italy, her past and present. But what is Italy in 2018? How do the Italians of today live, and how do they see their country? Join us in a Grand Tour of Italy, from the Alps to the Adriatic, from verdant Veneto to barren Basilicata, and from cicchetti to bistecche!

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25th October 2020 - The salt pans of Marsala!

Everyone in Italy knows the name of Marsala. Some perhaps think first of its famed white wine, which bears its name. Others perhaps the vast salt pans which fan out along the coast, punctuated by lonely windmills rising up from the pinks and greens of the motionless water. Here was once the great Carthaginian city of Lilybaeum, yet all Italians know that it was here at Marsala, on the 11th May 1860, that revolutionary leader Giuseppe Garibaldi made landfall with his thousand red-shirted volunteers, beginning arguably the most controversial and sensitive episode in modern Italian history - the Conquest of the South. But how do the Marsalesi of 2020 live, and what do they think today of the events which took place here? Together, we will find out!

22nd October 2020 - Trapani & the west!

Heading to the westernmost extremity of the island of Sicily, it is on to the last corner of island map, and the ancient Elymian city of Trapani. The gateway to the Aegadian Islands, Trapani is one of Sicily's major fishing ports, with a charming historical centre jutting out into the azure Mediterranean. High above soars mighty Erice, Eryx of old, whose stony ramparts and cobbled streets look out over one of the most breathtaking vistas in Italy.  


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Follow our account of our Grand Tour, as we head to the extreme north of Italy, the Alpine region of Trentino-Alto Adige, the historic South Tyrol! Thank goodness Katrina speaks German!

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