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Welcome to the 20 Regions in 2 Years Project - The wild honeymoon idea of two Rome based newlyweds who share a lifelong passion for Italy, her past and present. But what is Italy in 2018? How do the Italians of today live, and how do they see their country? Join us in a Grand Tour of Italy, from the Alps to the Adriatic, from verdant Veneto to barren Basilicata, and from cicchetti to bistecche!

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10th September 2019 - The Lakes!


From the deep south of Calabria, we venture north to the glamour, the elegance and shimmering waters of the Italian Lakes. We head first to Lago Maggiore, on the Lombard Piedmontese border. The second largest lake in Italy, its northern bank is actually in Switzerland, though the Italian section boasts some of the most picturesque scenery in Italy, not least in the form of the emerald Isole Borromee. From there we head east to arguably Italy's most famous lake, oft frequented by the cream of Hollywood, the glamorous Lake Como!

2nd September 2019 - Calabria!

Rounding off the south of Peninsular Italy, we will be heading right down to the toes of the boot, to what is statistically Italy's poorest region - Calabria. Ravaged by centuries of natural disasters and the wounds of bungled reconstruction following Unification and the Second World War, but boasting some of the most spectacular coastline in Italy, Calabria promises to be anything but dull!


Coming Up

Follow our account of our Grand Tour, as we head to the extreme north of Italy, the Alpine region of Trentino-Alto Adige, the historic South Tyrol! Thank goodness Katrina speaks German!

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