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Welcome to the 20 Regions in 2 Years Project - The wild honeymoon idea of two Rome based newlyweds who share a lifelong passion for Italy, her past and present. But what is Italy in 2018? How do the Italians of today live, and how do they see their country? Join us in a Grand Tour of Italy, from the Alps to the Adriatic, from verdant Veneto to barren Basilicata, and from cicchetti to bistecche!

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21st December 2019 - Cisalpine Italy!

With the Winter snows beginning to fall in the North, we head to the spiritual homeland of the united Italy - Piedmont! The last part of Italy to be conquered by the Romans, Piedmont weds a wild ancient past to a sophisticated and ambitious story. It was Piedmont, the seat of the ancient House of Savoy, which would conquer all the rest to forge the Italy we know today, combining cunning, industry and arms. Once the industrial powerhouse of Italy, Piedmont is also a fertile wine region, and the gateway to France. On her northern flank lies Italy's smallest region, Valle d'Aosta, a dramatic valley spanning the Alps from Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn. We're going to need our gloves!

4th January 2020 - Liguria!

Once the seat of the powerful Republic of Genoa, the mortal nemesis of Venice, Liguria has no canals. But it does have a ruggedly wild and enchanting coastline, which runs from the French border, through the Cinque Terre and all the way to Tuscany. Birthplace of Christopher Columbus, Genoa is a city which has always depended on, and been shaped by, the sea. From the mountains to the waves!


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Follow our account of our Grand Tour, as we head to the extreme north of Italy, the Alpine region of Trentino-Alto Adige, the historic South Tyrol! Thank goodness Katrina speaks German!

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